Blessed Days with Osho

by Swami Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti met Osho in Japalpur in 1967 and from the very beginning was fortunate enough to be in close proximity with Osho and participated in Osho's expanding work right from then. 

From a review by Bhagawati:

Immersing myself in this authentic and devotional book, I was captivated by those blessed days with Osho that Ageh Bharti experienced. His personal stories and intimate connection to Osho, that began several years before neo-sannyas came into existence, make for very special reading. [...]

His recollections are meticulous, including dates and even times, bringing the entire narrative to life, mentioning the people who joined Osho early on, describing the various revolutionary meditation camps, the many discourses Osho held in countless cities and venues, always being on the move to reach as many people as possible, travelling largely by railway.

Ageh Bharti had easy access to visit Osho’s residence and was always welcomed by him. He also accompanied Osho on innumerable occasions when he travelled. [...]

Highly recommended reading for those who want to have a glimpse of Osho at the beginning of his life’s work.

Softcover, 290 pages

Price: $17.95
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