The Inward Journey: In Osho's Guidance by Urmila

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by Ma Anand Urmila

In 1966 Osho was a professor of philosophy in Jabalpur. Urmila read one of his books and went to Osho for guidance. This book is a compilation of Osho's answers to Urmila's questions, which she asked him from January 1966 to March 1967. During this time Osho used to drop in at Ma Urmila's place while going to his college or returning from there. During these visits he expressed his views on various topics regarding the spiritual path and life in general.

Osho encouraged Urmila to write down whatever he said and read it out to him the next day. After some time he asked her to write about her own experience of meditation, which would be the introduction to the book, and then publish the book in her own name. He also decided on the title for the book.


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