Love Song for Osho

by Ma Anand Devika
"This is a lovely book by a committed sannyasin. It is a memoir of Devika’s sannyas life, from 1976 when she first met Osho, to His death celebration in 1990. This is the story of Devika’s adventures on the spiritual path – its peaks and valleys, sunshine and shadows. A great book, full of love and truth, dedicated to Osho and his caretaker Nirvano (Vivek)." (From a review by Alok John)

"Apart from Ma Jyoti's and Mahadevi's beautiful books, there aren't any books about life with Osho that I like as much as this one. Ma Anand Devika conveys to the reader a real taste (warts and all) of what happens when one puts the mala around one’s neck – the inexplicable life of being around an enlightened Master and living in the buddhafield." (From a review by Haritama)

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