Take It Really Seriously: A Revolutionary Insight into Jokes

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More than 2,000 jokes on 700 pages

collected by Swami Anand Vimal

Before you go into your meditations, it is perfectly good to go in a happy mood; not serious, but smiling. Remember it: Existence smiles when you smile, and when you are serious, you are alone. Existence does not bother about your seriousness. If you want the whole world with you, just smile and look all around and you will see trees smiling, and the flowers smiling. And at least when you are entering into meditation, it is good to enter with a smiling heart.

I have used jokes for the first time in the whole history of mankind, because such beautiful jokes...and nobody has used them for meditation! And they create such a good feeling all around, that one becomes courageous enough. A laughing heart is more courageous than a serious one. A serious heart doubts, hesitates, thinks twice. The laughing one is the heart of the gambler; he simply jumps in. And meditation is a question of jumping into the unknown.

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