After Shock: From Cancer Diagnosis to Healing

After Shock: From Cancer Diagnosis to Healing
by Puja A. Thomson
Roots and Wings Publishing, 2007

After ShockThere is simply nothing else like Puja Thomson’s After Shock. It fills a need that anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer will recognize. A native of Scotland, Puja has been a sannyasin for well over 30 years and was among the original group of Westerners who found Osho.

Learning that you have cancer is a shock unlike any other. Many sannyasins have faced this crisis, and many of us have sought out alternative as well as orthodox medical treatments. Up to now there hasn’t been a book that helps us weigh the alternatives. Above all, After Shock is a work of empowerment. It has both a medical and spiritual dimension, and that, among other things, makes it unique.

Each of us goes through the process of dealing with cancer by ourselves, no matter how much support there is around us, yet there are common experiences that all of us have. Until now, there have been few means of support for those with cancer. Puja’s book gives that support. From the time that a person is diagnosed to the time that they make decisions about treatment and spiritual practice, After Shock is a miraculous self-help book for those with cancer and their loved ones.

There are few times that a person feels more vulnerable than when they have been told that they have cancer. At that time, even the most well-read person will typically revert to helplessness, and will place all of their trust in the particular physician that they happen to see. Puja talks about the need to visit a physician or oncologist with a friend or relative – never to do it alone. I wish I had had that insight when I had my experience with cancer.

Most of us have little access to alternative forms of treatment. Without being prejudiced, Puja gives us the names of all kinds of places that provide treatment, and suggest that we can visit them to see them for ourselves. There are also some alternative treatment methods provided in the book.
Puja shows us how to ask the right questions when visiting a healthcare practitioner. She shows us how to get the most out of health related appointments. She shows us how to organize paperwork, medical reports, and even financial records related to the illness.

Thus far, Puja’s book is remarkable. The last three chapters are unprecedented. In these Puja discusses spiritual dimensions of healing. In Chapter 8, Puja explores the connections between body, mind, emotion, and spirit. In the ninth chapter she discusses how cancer can be a wake-up call spiritually and emotionally. And in the final chapter Puja examines “Ancient Pathways to Healing” – from healing circles through meditation, the Tarot, and consulting of angels. What a unique journey this is, and one in which sannyasins can find much for themselves, loved ones, or simply as a ready reference.

It may sound perverse, but people who are diagnosed with cancer are luckier now that Puja Thomson’s book exists. It deserves to be in every hospital and every cancer patient’s home. It is a milestone.
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