From a review by Abhinandan:

The first time I heard this wonderful new recording from Deva Premal I knew it would be a great survival resource for these strange times. For not only is it extremely beautiful, but I also experienced, perhaps more than ever, the amazing power that mantras have to transport one to a state of silence and healing peace.

I love that this CD is called simply Deva,for this is her story. This recording is alive with many aspects of Deva's long relationship with mantras. It is maybe the music that has been growing like a seed in her heart and soul and has now blossomed in a beautiful way. It is literally as though she has so embodied these mantras that the Divine is now singing the Divine. [...]

So if you crave some silence and beauty in your life, I recommend a daily dose of Deva. Maybe turn off the litany of weary worldly woes, and let these mantras touch your heart and open the door to the sanctuary of silence. I can't promise it will change your life, but it may very well bring blessings and a lightness to your day. 

I will give Deva the last word: "It is an amazing time to be alive right now because it has become very clear that we cannot expect peace to be delivered from the outside, we have to find it within. For me the mantras are a gateway into peace – and it is my honor to share them." 

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