The Way Beyond Any Way

Talks on Sarvasar Upanishad 

In this book Osho describes, step by step, the search within, the search for the essence, for what is divine within man. This essence is variously known as the self, the atman, the soul, in the ancient teachings of earlier Masters.

But before beginning on this search Osho says:
I warn you in advance that to involve oneself in the teachings of an Upanishad is like playing with fire. An Upanishad cannot be understood without you also becoming transformed.

In understanding this one Upanishad, doors will open to the most profound understanding known to the genius of man. Hence its name, Sarvasar: the secret of secrets, the mystery within all mysteries, the essence of essences.

Translated from Hindi 

Softcover edition by Jaico Books, India

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