Lone Seeker Many Masters by Arun

The Story of a Seeker and the Treasures He Found Along the Way

by Swami Anand Arun

Arun is one of Osho's very early disciples (he met Osho in 1969), and the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapoban in Nepal. In the 31 chapters of his book Arun speaks about well-known and little-known Masters through the ages, from Buddha to Osho to Raman Maharshi to Krishnamurti to the Dalai Lama and to others that many or most readers will not be familiar with. He quotes Osho saying to him, "Arun, you will meet some of the best souls in the ochre robe. But beware because some of the most crooked ones are also found in the same robe."

Softcover by Osho Tapoban, Nepal; second edition 2016 

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