The Inescapable (CD)

The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, Discourse 24

Osho was heard to say that his discourse on Ta Hui's sutra "The Inescapable" was the best he had ever given. Below is an excerpt:

The inescapable, it is one of the most significant problems for every meditator. [...]

These sutras are important for every meditator on the path...

Meditation has to be only a watchfulness, then it is possible to have it twenty-four hours a day. Even while going to sleep, be watchful. To the last moment, when you see that now sleep is taking you over - the darkness goes on growing, the body is relaxing and the point comes when suddenly from wakefulness you move into sleep - watch up to that moment. And first thing in the morning, as you become aware that the sleep is finished, immediately start watching; soon you will be able to watch even while you are asleep. Watchfulness will become a lamp that goes on burning day and night inside you.

This is the only authentic meditation. All else that has been told to you in the name of meditation is simply a toy to play with, to deceive yourself that you are doing something spiritual. With this meditation you will come across the inescapable. Everything illusory will disappear.
But everything in existence is not illusory. That which is not illusory is inescapable, and what are you going to do with the inescapable? Perhaps you have never thought about it.
This very inescapability itself is meditation.
If you go on watching even the inescapable, you will be able to see clearly that that which disappears while watching is illusory; that which becomes even more clear, more crystal clear, which was before hidden behind the cloud of your illusory dreams, desires, now stands absolutely clear.
Ta Hui is saying, This very inescapability itself is meditation.

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