The Qualities of a Sannyasin (2-CD set)

The Heart Sutra, Discourse 10

In this discourse Osho answers the question: "What are the qualities of a sannyasin?"

It is very difficult to define a sannyasin, and more so if you are going to define my sannyasins.

Sannyas is basically a rebellion about all structures, hence the difficulty to define. Sannyas is a way of living life unstructuredly. Sannyas is to have a character which is characterless. By 'characterless' I mean you don't depend anymore on the past. Character means the past, the way you have lived in the past, the way you have become habituated to living -- all your habits and conditionings and beliefs and your experiences -- that's what your character is. A sannyasin is one who no longer lives in the past or through the past; who lives in the moment, hence, is unpredictable. – Osho

1 hr. 39 min.

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