The Rajneesh Bible Vol. 8/From Bondage to Freedom (MP3)

The talks in this series were given in Oregon, between September 15 and October 27, 1985.

A deeply moving account of a rare and provocative experiment in human growth, these are Osho’s last discourses given in the US. While most of his disciples are experiencing the fruition of their efforts to manifest a living community based on Osho’s vision, a small, power-motivated group’s secret attempts to take control of the commune, poison Osho and his doctor is revealed as they flee the country.

Through it all, Osho answers the questions of disciples and friends devastated and confused by the wanton disregard of the few corrupted people. His answers expose the truth with uncompromising compassion as he talks on fascism, power games, and individual responsibility. As always Osho indicates how absolutely everything can be used by the seeker to wake up and be more aware.

7 MP3s, total running time 75 hrs. Discourses 41, 42, and 43 are missing.

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