Prelude to Disclosure by Nirvan

 by Nirvan

This is a novel in which the main character is writing a book while developing a relationship with a woman and her family who on a mystical level somehow influence the storyline. It is a multi-faceted book with other narratives and remembrances of the protagonist’s spiritual journey as a seeker with the Indian guru named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, aka Osho. Experiences of personal and spiritual growth are artfully integrated into the plots and impact the story he is writing as his alternative narrative of fiction, his relationship with the woman and his spiritual seeking intersect and influence each other with the elements of revelation and synchronicity. The manuscript eventually becomes the main story in the book, which is both an adventurous fantasy with a disclosure of importance for the world at large. In the plot, something treasured is lost and the family seeks to rediscover it while an elite world-controlling organization is determined for them not to fulfill their quest. The saga visits many countries and terrains in pursuit of the lost knowledge. A significant aspect of the book reveals the destinies of the characters intertwining, confronting, and connecting with their own personal essence as a metaphor of who they are as they get closer to their ultimate goal. This book has many variables presented to the reader with unusual insights and a thought-provoking conclusion.

Softcover; 348 pages

Price: $12.95
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