Encounters with an Inexplicable Man

Stories of Osho as Told by His People

Compiled and Edited by Savita Brandt

What did it mean to work on self-transformation in the community of a spiritual anarchist? To be buffeted from pillar to post in the energy-field of the 20th century's most controversial mystic? 

Ninety-five unadorned tales, taken from personal interviews, give us anintimate glimpse of the relationship between this beautiful spiritual Master and 42 of his disparate sannyasin followers, who came from all walks of life and several continents to live and work around him.

It is brilliantly presented, beautiful to look at, and makes absolutely fascinating reading. It's the one book we all need to keep on our bookshelves besides Osho's own books, to remind ourselves of how he worked on all the various aspects of human nature we presented him with, and to share the joy of our fellow travelers on the journey to our true nature. (Pankaja Brooke) 

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