Your Song Will Be Born in Silence DVD

A rare DVD from the early days, “Poona One.”

From: Philosophia Ultima, Discourse 6; December 16, 1980; 62 min.

Osho answers a question about meditation and creativity.
“I would like your silence to be a singing silence. Remember, even the silence has a song of its own. It may not be your song, in fact it cannot be your song – the silence has its own song. You may lose your song; it has to be lost, only then can the silence sing.
What you are feeling as creativity, passionate and intense, is still adulterated with your ego. That's why silence looks empty, because in silence there will be no ego.
Creativity will not fade away – your creativity may fade away, and they are totally different phenomena. In fact, your creativity is not of much value. When you are no more there and a creativity arises that you cannot claim as yours, then something real has started happening; then it is the song of the silence.” –Osho

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