Don't Kill Him

The story of my life with Bhagwan Rajneesh

by Ma Anand Sheela

From a review by Dhanyam:

"Most people have strong feelings about Sheela and many of us blame her for the downfall of Rajneeshpuram. I have my own point-of-view.

Firstly, I enjoyed the part of the book in which Sheela describes her coming to Osho, her devotion to him, and her time during Poona One.

I have some compassion for her being in charge when she writes buying the Ranch property, admitting that she knew nothing about real estate, nothing about money, and nothing about organizing or running a city being built from scratch.

Her accomplishment in building Rajneeshpuram is remarkable, but her many mistaken decisions while running the place doomed the Ranch, in time, to destruction.

I find this book an interesting, good read, and leave the reader to make up his/her own mind."

Softcover by Fingerprint, India; 312 pages 

Price: $14.95
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