I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed receiving my Osho book and the other contents I received from you within the package. My eyes began to tear up when I saw the printed photograph of Osho as well as the thoughtful hand-written letter. Thank you so much for your kindness.
The Ultimate Alchemy book has been exactly what I needed. I am becoming aware of the falsities of my reality and identity. Osho’s words are always pointing me in the right direction.
Thank you again!

- Brittany
Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for the package. I love it! Whenever I receive something from Viha is like Christmas; I am filled with love and joy. Thanks for all you do to bring light and beauty to the world.

- Shakti

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. The books arrived promptly. They were beautifully packaged. Communication was excellent. I cannot speak highly enough of the wonderful service I received and so pleased with the condition of the books. Many thanks.
Kind regards Pauline.

- Pauline

How can I express my gratitude for this lovely parcel? Just arrived and with your kind words, magazines, the photo of Osho, I felt also your warm energy. This is a parcel from your heart, from a friend! My first time with Osho Viha, already I feel a member of this nice company. Many thanks and have a beautiful day...

- Fotis

I picked up the parcel you sent and just looked at the books along with your hand-written letter, Osho's photograph, and the magazine. I am fortunate to be in touch with you who is offering rare Osho books and putting all efforts to send them across to 'Down Under'.
Thank you so much....Hope to see you someday!
Lots of love and Gratitudes...
Warm hugs,
Davinder Singh

- Davinder Singh
Epping, Australia

Dear Dhanyam,
I just received your package and was delighted!
The best thing about every one of your parcels is how beautifully it is put together - your personal letter, the free copy of your newsletter, additional information about topics of interest and most importantly, the photo of Osho that you always include. It simply brings me right back from wherever I might've been wandering mentally
around that time.
Thanks so much for your parcel.
I will keep shopping at Osho Viha (as there is never enough to read or listen to!) and let you know if there is something particular I am looking for.
Have a beautiful day.


- Ma Prem Sangita
St. Petersburg, Florida

I gave an order from your website but it is not important. I have found a wise friend who is Dhanyam.
He always have supported me, he has given me advice and suggestions.
I asked him many questions he always kindly replied my emails I have been still asking him

Thank you again DHANYAM

Palash /Turkey

- Palash
Istanbul, Turkey

I have made several purchases from Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow and always found Dhanyam to be helpful and responsive. The products arrive promptly and in good condition.

- Jan Jones
Jan Jones Worldwide Speakers Bureau
Solana Beach, CA

Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow offers a great service providing Osho's books (and rare books), videos and discourses, of a master that has changed lives of millions, still does, and will do in the future. Dhanyam's love and commitment in bringing love and light through this service is rare and invaluable. Thank you very much.

- Dhanapati Alok
Athens, Greece

Thank you for your prompt and personal service. I could not have been happier, and look forward to future transactions.

- Sandy White
Landscaper and citizen farmer
Colorado Springs, CO

Recently I purchased rare first-edition Osho titles at great prices, that others don't carry anymore. I was very pleased with the clear communication and how quickly my orders were processed.
All of the books were in exactly the condition as described, well-packed and received in good order.
I have already recommended the website to others and in the future I will be using OshoHereAndNow for all of my rare Osho book needs. Thank you.

- Martijn van Bemmel
Student of Philosophy
Liempde, Netherlands

Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow has not only been my connection to the Master's garden. Dhanyam personally got involved and went on a worldwide search to compile for me the complete Osho library...mostly rare, original print editions or books that were out of print for a long time. It's a treasure!
Thank you, Dhanyam.

- Marcus Nispel
Malibu, CA

I have ordered from Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow a few times and have been extremely satisfied with the product (Osho's books:-), the timely mailing, and even the little extra reading material that Dhanyam has so kindly included in my packages. I would order again, without hesitation!

- Dottie (Tahirah) Rappaport
Universal Mantra Meditation Teacher
Coral Springs, Florida 33071

Osho's books and tapes are treasures, and Dhanyam is the best treasure hunter. I don't know how he finds them, but he does - he is often the source of last resort. Because so many of Osho's books have been re-released under new titles, I have greatly appreciated his taking the time to research publishing history, so I don't inadvertently buy books that I already own.

- Neil Reuben
Santa Barbara, CA

As an international fashion designer traveling for 25 years to New Delhi, I was once again living in the States, and more than a little homesick for India. I needed a connection, and Dhanyam was that person.

Osho is alive at Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow, encompassing the spirit of the Master, in the each encounter, transaction, kind note, not to mention the support I received in researching my book about Osho's past lives. I love you, Dhanyam, and everyone at Viha.

- Leslie Sutain
Scottsdale, AZ
"My Lives with Egypt's Last Pharaoh"
The Reincarnations of Mohammed Ali, Pasha of Egypt and Jindan Kaur, the Last Maharani of Lahore

I have bought a serious number of Osho Rajneesh books from Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow over several years, and testify here that Dhanyam has always been honest, knowledgeable, prompt, and eager to please and be helpful in every way. He will do all he can to get the materials you want promptly. His prices are always fair and reasonable.

- Eugene Graziano
retired librarian
Santa Barbara area, CA

As a long time lover of Osho-and some one who has a voracious appetite for his books, CDs, and DVDs-I have found Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow to be a wonderful oasis. Dhanyam and Avinasho have been delightful to work with, always guiding me to the materials that have been perfect for my practice and my professional career. Their communication is good, their service is friendly and professional, and their delivery is prompt. Thanks, Osho Viha!

- Chad Holland (Srajan)
Marriage and Family Therapist #47764
Mount Shasta, CA

By now, I think I've read more than 20 of Osho's brilliant books through the years.
And so it is that I thank you for letting me know what's coming on the market if only because it gives me something to look forward to. Keep them coming.

- Gene Zelazny
Business Presentations Consultant
Greenwich, CT

I discovered my first Osho title back in '95, a hardcover copy of Until You Die for $3.50 at Vagabond John's secondhand place on Lincoln Highway. Took a few more years to run down Dhanyam in Mill Valley, while finding a copy of The Mustard Seed in the interim from the same source.
The rest is history - Regarding the last dozen or so years with the team of Avinasho-Dhanyam, their personal notes and jokes and freebies and the occasional picture of Osho along with my many orders, have made the search the thing – a pleasure for all involved, though they might not know…
Thanks - and so much love!

- Gregory Brown
Dekalb, IL

As an avid Osho reader and a tarot deck collector, I undertook a quest for a hard-to-find copy of Osho's Heart to Heart Tarot. My online search eventually led me to Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow and the helpful guidance of Dhanyam. In no time at all, the deck was in my hands. Dhanyam understood my quirky interests immediately and has been an excellent source of materials that appeal to my specific needs. I will always think of Dhanyam and Osho Viha as my first resource for future purchases of Osho materials. Thank you, Dhanyam. Your personal care and attention is remarkably supportive in today's often-anonymous worldwide marketplace.

- CJ Wright
Dublin, GA

It was truly an auspicious moment to discover "Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow" a few months ago. The items purchased have provided endless hours of enjoyment and have been a source for deeper communion with Osho/Bhagwan. All in all, a truly marvelous ongoing connection, particularly with Dhanyam, whose warm and abiding service always assures a pleasurable experience and reassurance that one's items will arrive fast and safely packaged.

- MStrinado
Amsterdam, NY

Thank you for help and expertise with your wide variety of Osho products. Your guidance to me, a recent sannysin, has been just what I need as I fill my life with Osho meditations, discourses and books.

- Prem Nadish
St. John, Virgin Islands

I am constantly amazed at the selection of all things Osho at Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow. The service is always prompt and accurate with a personal touch from Dhanyam. So much appreciated.

- Carolyn Solomon
Alexandria, VA

Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow is a great source for anything Osho related. They have the largest selection of hard-to-find Osho books, plus all the latest new releases. They also have an incredible selection of Osho discourses on DVD, VHS, MP3, and audiocassette in addition to other Osho-related merchandise such as photos and malas. Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow is key in perpetuating Osho's work and vision.
Anyone interested in Osho will find in them a vast treasure trove.

- Marcel Armstrong
Math & English Tutor
Honolulu, HI

For ten years or longer, I have been purchasing Osho's books from Osho Viha / OshoHereAndNow. Dhanyam has mailed my purchases to me almost immediately. Whenever I have had a question about Osho's life, or the location of certain stories, or even some of the people involved in Osho's life, Dhanyam has promptly replied. His business practices are impeccable, his knowledge vast, and his consideration beyond reproach. I fully intend to be a life-long customer. Sincerely,

- Lee Underwood
Musician, Author, Poet
Oakhurst, CA

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