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We both love connecting with Osho's friends worldwide in this way - what better way to express our gratitude to our Master than by helping to spread His words! And we enjoy the very juicy sannyasin community here in the Bay Area. Sannyasins here meet regularly for community events.
We encourage and support friends who offer meditations in their homes or in rented spaces and list events like these in the Bulletin Board in the Viha Connection, the magazine we put out every second month. This magazine started out as a one-page newsletter for the local community and has grown into a beautifully laid-out publication (usually around 44 pages) with a full-color cover. The magazine has subscribers not only all over the US but in more than 35 countries worldwide.

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Dhanyam & Avinasho have retired and the Viha operations (Viha Connection and The Viha website/sales) are now handled by friends at Osho Nirvana. Read the announcement here
Osho Viha Information Center was born in early 1986 when Sw. Prabodh Dhanyam and Ma Sunder Avinasho moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. It started out as a gathering spot where the local sannyasins would meet to meditate and celebrate. We didn't really have a clear idea of what a meditation center should do or offer and so we pretty much went with what the community seemed to need.
When, for example, more and more people called us for phone numbers, we realized that we needed a mailing list and started compiling it. Or sannyasins asked us about available rooms or jobs - so we started housing and job referral systems. Of course requests for this book of Osho or that meditation tape started coming in so we began to stock a few items.
Well, 37 years later Viha has the largest selection of Osho books worldwide, with about 375 titles in English. As more and more of Osho's books go out of print we are always working hard on finding copies of these treasures and making them available to Osho's lovers all over the world. Just recently we sent a huge shipment of books to Korea; other readers and collectors contact us from Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Mainland China, to name just a few.
So if you have been looking for a Pune One book and have given up hope - try us! We may be able to help you. Besides Osho's books in English we also stock about 25 titles in Spanish, as well as videos dubbed in Spanish. We also carry books in Chinese, Hindi, and Russian.
We also carry Osho's discourses on DVD, video, audio tape, and (limited) CD and MP3, all of His meditations on CD and/or tape, a wide selection of music from the world of Osho on CD and tape, and Osho Tarot decks (in English and in Spanish).

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