Causing a Stir: The secret lives & loves of kitchen utensils

Causing a Stir: The secret lives & loves of kitchen utensils Poems and Paintings by Prartho Sereno From the review by Sarvananda Bluestone: Prartho Sereno is a poet magician. She helps us see the magic of everyday life. Her first book, Everyday Miracles, showed us that miracles are all around us. In her latest book, Causing a Stir: The Secret Love and Lives of Kitchen Utensils, Prartho has transformed the world of the kitchen. Forget the nutcracker. Prartho, a sorceress of tongue and eye, has brought to life the dinner fork, soup spoon, and pastry blender. Under her spell the whisk dances, wooden spoons hearken to the call of birds, and the pickle fork sings. And, for each of these, Prartho provides watercolors that are as delicate as a spider's web and as evocative as a remembered childhood dream. Prartho helps us remember that things are much more than they appear. A spatula is a showman. The salad and dessert folks are identical-twin teenagers, and the measuring spoons a little band of gypsies. One of the many amazing things about this book is that Prartho gives life to the real utensils. Every cook will cheerfully recognize the true characters of the utensils. But, beyond that, she captures the essence - the souls - of these kitchen citizens. For those of us lucky enough to experience these secret lives and loves, cooking will never be the same.
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