Hyakujo: The Everest of Zen, with Basho's Haikus

Hyakujo's greatest contribution to Zen was the development of monasteries - where thousands of people gathered together with a single direction, toward what Zen calls The Ultimate Experience. And his motto: "One day without working, one day without food." No holy charity here; work and meditation go hand in hand. He also created the Chinese Tea Ceremony where something so ordinary as drinking tea becomes a meditation. But more than simply chronicles of a past master, here we see Osho "hitting" a disciple in front of the assembled thousands at the evening meditation, and we experience the depths of her response. Such was the intensity of this that Osho dedicated the book to her - a book that is truly "living Zen" and a must for everyone who is interested in the ways of a Zen master.

2016 hardcover edition by Osho Media International

ISBN 978-81-7261-324-2

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