Joshu: The Lion's Roar

"A hair's breadth of difference - and what happens?" Joshu is asked. There is no intellectual answer to the Koans of Zen, no approximate answer and no amount of intellect to be applied: "Heaven and earth are far away." Only by authenticity can we rise in consciousness. And as this Lion's Roar of Joshu resounds through almost twelve centuries, so is its message more urgent. Through these symbolic Zen dialogues and the existential language of Haikus, Osho urges his reader not to be lukewarm, but single-pointed in the search for our authenticity. This book is full of clues... hints and pointers how to "begin" as Osho puts it - how to bring this search into our everyday lives, and in very simple ways how to begin meditating

2016 hardcover edition by Osho Media International

ISBN 978-81-7261-324-2

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