Intuition - Knowing Beyond Logic

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Once you have known the art of how to listen to your intuition, you will be surprised: intellect can err, intuition never errs - it is infallible. It always directs you in the right course of action.- Osho

What is intuition? Is it something that some people are born with, and others can never hope to develop? Or is it something that can be taught in courses, according to a set of formulas that anybody with a little perserverance and determination can master?

Osho’s understanding is that intuition is an inborn quality, available to all. But by the time most people reach adulthood, they have lost all contact with so many of their natural gifts - intuition among them - that they no longer even believe such gifts exist. Many things contribute to this loss of connection with our inborn gift of intuition - from the efforts of well-meaning parents to protect us from harm or ridicule, to attempts by our teachers to create classrooms full of orderly and obedient students. In the process we are taught to value safety more than exploration, to live within the confines of the logical mind at the expense of following the intuitive hunches that so often lead to true genius.

Intuition is the direct perception of reality, without interference from the prejudices and belief-systems of the mind. It is "knowing beyond logic" - and only those who are capable of going beyond the limitations of logic and analysis are able to respond creatively to the new and changing situations they encounter every day. In this book, Osho shows the way to removing the hindrances that have been placed in the way of our intuition so that it can flower and bring a new quality of intelligence and wholeness to our lives.
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