Come Follow To You, Volume 1

(Formerly published as Come Follow Me)
Reflections on Jesus of Nazareth

Osho makes a clear distinction between the rebel called Jesus Christ and the religion that followed after him - Christianity. Through the gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John he re-introduces Jesus as a man, a mystic, and an uncompromising Master filled with love, fire, and compassion.
A treat for those who love Jesus' words.
The beauty of Christ is there exists a bridge. You can move toward him by and by, and he can lead you toward the unknown - and so slowly that you will not even be aware when you cross the boundary, when you enter the unknown from the known, when the world disappears and God appears. You can trust him, because he is so like you yet so unlike. You can believe in him, because he is part of your agony; you can understand his language. - Osho


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