Showering Without Clouds

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A Hindi to English translation, this book contains Osho’s commentaries on the “sutras of love” of Sahajo, the woman mystic from eighteenth century Rajasthan. It is an extraordinarily rich and touching book, because not only do we get to read Sahajo’s beautiful words, and get maybe our first taste of the heart and being of an enlightened woman, but we also have a chance to savor the commentaries of Osho, who in his own words will find it “... an entirely new journey,” as it is “...the first time I will speak on an enlightened woman.” 

We read of the different paths and pitfalls of the female and male seeker, are given some beautiful insights into the difference between female and male egos, and learn what happens to both women and men on the verge of their enlightenment. A must and an inspiration for every woman, and a must and an inspiration for every man.

Hardcover by Divyansh Publications; ISBN 978-93-80089-37-9

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