Fumbling Towards Freedom

Initiations on the Path of Awakening
by Rajyo Allen

From a review by Alima: 

Fumbling Towards Freedom is Rajyo’s account of her unusually eventful life, growing up in London after losing her mother at age five, and caring for her father and younger brother at a way-too-young age. She becomes a wild child, getting lost in alcohol and drugs as a teenager, trying to numb the pain and the wounds of childhood, all the while questioning everything and living life totally. She naturally finds herself longing for something more – for wholeness, completeness, and liberation. 

Life inevitably takes her to India where she travels to each corner of the subcontinent. After becoming seriously sick in the Himalayas, she finds her way to Osho in her early twenties, and here her free spirit is met by the Master and His caravanserai of seekers. She gives a brilliant recounting of the beauty of her time in Pune One and the intensity of the Ranch, and then finding herself back in Pune again. [...]

It is clear through all the ups and downs and ins and outs of her journey, through love and loss, pain and joy, sickness and healing and letting go, that her longing for Freedom and passion for Truth lead her to the peace and wholeness of true connection. Back home to herself. 

Softcover by Manor House; 240 pages; ISBN 978-1-988-58-96-2

Price: $19.95
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