In & Out of a Spiritual Washing Machine
by Bruce Menzies (Murti)

From the back book cover: Why would a thirty-something, football-playing, cricket-loving, agnostic lawyer abandon a comfortable suburban existence in favor of an Indian ashram? How would he, his wife and two small boys manage that radical transition? What would be the reaction from family and friends affected by this move in 1978 from Perth, Western Australia to Poona, India? And how would it all pan out? 

These questions are addressed in a frank and compelling memoir by the author. He takes us on a roller-coaster ride through his early childhood, university days and working life before his world is upended when he encounters Osho – the controversial guru formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. 

From Dhanyam: I enjoyed Murti's book. In the first part of the book he reports in detail on his years in the commune, and in the second part he looks back and analyzes what happened and why it happened. This part is often quite critical and controversial – certainly very thought-provoking. 

Softcover; 387 pages

Price: $28.95
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