Wild Wild Guru

by Anand Subhuti

"In 2010, I self-published a book, My Dance with a Madman, containing over 100 anecdotes about my life with Osho.

Eight years later, when the Netflix series Wild Wild Countryreawakened public interest in Osho, I expanded my book and then found a London publisher who liked it. My new book, titled Wild Wild Guru, contains many new stories and is twice as big as My Dance with a Madman. It is the first commercially published book, in English, to cover all the controversies while at the same time acknowledging Osho as an enlightened mystic.

It’s a delicate balance between hard-headed facts and soft-hearted devotion. Let’s see how the public receives it." (Subhuti)

hardcover, 304 pages

Price: $32.00
Plus S & H

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