In the Eye of the Hurricane by Devakant

by Devakant

From a review by Veena:

Every book written by a disciple contributes something to the phenomenon that is Osho, but, for me, Devakant’s book, In the Eye of the Hurricane, has a depth and breadth of vision that encompasses much more than most.

There are three things that, in my opinion, make this book so exceptional. First, it’s objective: Although Devakant is obviously speaking from his own experience, he has the gift of “standing back” and witnessing both himself and Osho’s earth-shaking, life-changing caravanserai.

Second, it has honesty, clarity, and truthfulness – no pussyfooting around. He says it as he saw it. In a way he speaks for many of us who also watched what was happening, especially in Rajneeshpuram.

Third, he writes extremely well. His command of the English language is stunning, and he brilliantly uses his literary skills to give us a text that is at various times poetic, lyrical, imaginative, inspiring, tender, heartbreaking – and then down-to-earth factual. [...]

In conclusion he attempts to put his experiences with Osho and the ups and downs of commune life into a few words – so very, very difficult – and succeeds rather well!

I conclude my review by saying that In the Eye of the Hurricane,as well as being a positive antidote to the recent ugly misrepresentations in Wild Wild Country, is an informative, precious, wonder-filled book that is infinitely worth reading.

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