Dinner with Osho

Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation

by Savita Brandt

Two women – both housewives, both in close personal relationships to Osho long before he became the high-profile mystic he is known as today. Two spiritual journeys – both guided by Osho, but tailored to suit two very contrasting personalities and their different lives. 

Their contrasting tales show how Osho helped each woman grow into the under-explored part of herself, while guiding both to use meditation as a support for the challenges of family life. His subtle insights into the dilemmas faced by women treading the path of meditation in the mundane world are very relevant today.

From a review by Sheelu:

We are also lucky to have Savita as our raconteur, with her deep understanding and respect for Osho’s work and for the intricacies of the spiritual journey, garnered not only from her own life, but also from all the Osho lovers that she has interviewed over the years, whether for the early darshan diaries, the OshoTimes, or for her own books. She has done a brilliant job of rendering the material given to her by Urmila and Shobhana into richly detailed narratives. Her sensitivity to the challenges facing women on the path, especially in those years in India, imbues the book with a special sweetness – delightfully captured by the pink and magenta cover.

This book is a treasure, offering rare glimpses into the ordinary and extraordinary life of the man we call Osho.

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