A New Collection of Songs by Miten

Featuring Miten's guitar and vocal, with a gentle & groovy acoustic backing

From a review by Maneesha McClure:

In Temple at Midnight our Miten has done it again: opened up his heart, his music, his meditation, and his love for the Master and given us the poetry of his soul. He inspires us to be in awe of each precious moment and to remember, “It's not about the water – it's about the flow,” (from the opening tune, “River Man”). Sung soft, deep, and low, “River Man” rises to a crescendo as Miten takes us to the other side. It was written in a quiet moment by the river Pegnitz in Deva’s hometown of Nuremberg and is dedicated to Hermann Hesse and his masterpiece, Siddhartha

I thought at first it was a listening album, but by the second time I was dancing and singing along. I had the feeling that Miten did exactly what he wanted to, not what he thinks people want to hear. It is naked, raw, deep, and still flies high as we love to do with him. 

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