On Gautam Buddha & Vipassana Meditation (DVD)

Hari Om Tat Sat, Discourse 28 (February 24, 1988 pm)

"Gautam Buddha could sit silently, desireless, thoughtless, moving inwards, because the outside had lost all interest. He had seen it -- that it is just a phenomenon, the way you see a film. But there are idiots who even seeing a film will cry, will weep, will laugh, because they will become identified and they will forget that there is nothing on the screen, it is just a projected film. Our whole life is not much more than that, but to know it you have to go through it. Gautam Buddha had a great chance to experience life and see its futility. This gave him the opportunity to sit in deep silence, undisturbed.

Vipassana was discovered in these moments."

Running time 124 min.

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