Lost and Found

"Songs and prayers of love and longing" by Tanmayo

From a review by Tanisha:

Lost And Found is a CD that truly deserves to be heard, really listened to, and not only as background music. In fact, the more I listened, the more I realized there was just so much more to discover.

Tanmayo's music has the power to open us, and when we really let it in, one can disappear in the moment.However, beyond the obvious power of the music and compositions, in this CD, she is also showcased as an outstanding multi-instrumentalist: piano, keyboard, harp, and electric sitar; gypsy sounds giving the CD an additional World Music appeal,and above this all, again and again, violin solos of great virtuosity lifting this extraordinary music into a class of its own.

And on top of all of these already exquisite "ingredients" there is Tanmayo's beautiful voice, with its unbelievable range, soaring above it all.

Price: $14.95
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