Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

From a review by Nityanando:

Invite some friends,take your seats, get comfortable, close your eyes, push "Play" ...

Let Deva lead us on a one-hour meditation journey though chanting mantras with her, listening/hearing, allowing her voice to take us into the silence of the beyond.

Deva and Miten's latest CD, Mantras for Life, is actually an opportunity to dive head first into that world; the world of the beyond, the world of the unknowable.In it Deva unveils more of her roots in mantra chanting, while sharing her growth through her years with Miten and his music of life, celebration, silence.

This CD continues to shift the focus from music to the purity of mantra practice, perhaps reflecting the ongoing growth of Deva and Miten's own lives.

Both Manose and Miten add musical elegance to the mantra repetitions, but the clarity of purpose is unmistakably with the mantras themselves.Though each individual mantra has a particular significance and use, I stayed with the complete collection as a morning meditation practice. Of course, this can be done by yourself, but if you gather a few friends to practice together, that joy of voices together makes it all the more beautiful. Try it as a daily practice for a bit.

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