Pleasure: The Seed of Blissfulness (DVD)

The Messiah, Vol. 2, discourse 13

Osho's commentaries on Khalil Gibran's The Prophet

"Flowers are beautiful. You can enjoy them, appreciate them, but they cannot nourish you, they cannot become your food. You can have them for decoration but they cannot become your blood, your bones, and your marrow. This is what he is the blossoming of your desires, but it is not their fruit.

So don't stop at pleasure -- there is much more ahead. Enjoy the flowers, collect the flowers, make a garland of the flowers, but remember, there are fruits also. And the fruit of your ripening is not pleasure; the fruit is blissfulness.

Pleasure is only a beginning -- the tree is ready. The flowers are a song to announce that the tree is pregnant, and soon the fruits will be coming.

Don't get lost in pleasures, but don't escape from them either. Enjoy them, but remember -- there is much more to life than pleasure."

125 min.

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