My Life with Osho

Seven Doors to Self-Realisation by Azima V. Rosciano, MD

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(...) our Italian adventurer decides to commit himself to the commune and promptly finds himself in the kitchen with the legendary Italian mamma-mafia-boss, Deeksha. Azima captures in hilarious detail his early work experiences in Vrindavan Kitchen.

Again and again, he makes it clear that, whatever we thought we were doing in Pune, it wasn't about leading a quiet, silent, peaceful life.

This flavour continues as Osho departs for Oregon and a new commune is created. One of the highlights of Azima's narrative is his series of desperate attempts to live and work on the Oregon Ranch, always to be thwarted in one way or another. Yet his persistence shows his willingness to face all kinds of setbacks while resolutely pursuing his love affair with his spiritual master.

In 1986, when Osho returns to India, Azima finds himself pulled into the mystic's inner circle, organising his discourses in Juhu Beach and then helping Osho shift back to Pune, early in 1987.

There are truly some fascinating moments in the book, for people who haven't been so close to Osho.

In addition, the book is peppered with romantic Italian sagas, accompanied by some devastating remarks Osho made about one of Azima's affairs, delivered in his daily discourse.

The book is carried along in fine style by Azima's unwavering love for his spiritual master, by his keen insights and by his humour.

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