The Ultimate Iconoclast

Understanding Rajneesh Osho's Revolutionary and "Dangerous" Ideas

by Dr. Kuldip Kumar Dhiman

From a review by Dhanyam:

I have just finished an amazing book by Dr. Dhiman, in which he collects Osho’s words – contradictions, ideas, advice, suggestions – and describes, organizes, and analyzes Osho in a profound, spot-on book. Although the cover and title are not especially inviting, I find this book a great read. Dr. Dhiman has done a superb job of explaining the inexplicable, the inexpressible. [...]

Dr. Dhiman has clearly done his homework and is very well acquainted with Osho’s work. Although he has an impressive academic background – he holds degrees in graphic design and English literature, plus a doctorate in philosophical psychology – I can assure those of you who equate “academic” with “boring” that this is not a dry book at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Softcover by UK Publishing Company, India

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