Awakened Leadership

Beyond Self-Mastery

by Alan E. Shelton (Anand Darpan)

From a review by Swami Veet Brahm:

I have read probably 20 biographies of sannyasins and found very few that offer insights about the connection between my meditative path and my business and political ventures. Thus I was excited when I saw the title of Darpan’s book – Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery. I had been on his newsletter list for years and knew him to be a merger and acquisition (M&A) specialist who had headed many companies and was now a professional leadership coach who sprinkled his business wisdom with quotes from Osho. [...]

Darpan writes with a rare combination of lighthearted personal transparency, sharp insight, and humor. The skillfully etched stories of his life provide example after example of how, believing in an illusory self-mastery, we all tend to seek fulfillment through ego-driven activities – only to be frustrated again and again. For our era of radical, discontinuous change and opportunity, he offers a set of pointers to help disengage the ego mechanism that blocks the experience of awakening. Then, he says, we can be lived into our authentic leadership, not only in the business world but in any domain of life. [...]

I highly recommend the book to any one of you who knows that your spiritual path is the door to an awakened life – wherever you are planted.



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