I Married a Psychic

The Vortex Conspiracy

by Marv Lincoln (Swami Viramo)

Set against a backdrop of international intrigue, political corruption, and domestic tensions, this science-fiction thriller moves from the psychic hotbed of Sedona to the teeming streets of India to the mysterious energies of Glastonbury to the top of a mystical mountain in Tibet.

Marty Powers, the hero-narrator, is a failed writer whose life is a train wreck. In desperation, he goes to an ashram in India where a beaded mystic gives daily discourses and recommends intense group therapies to seekers. After sampling various encounter groups without any positive results, Marty tries the Tantra group. There he meets the beautiful Leela, and his life is forever changed.

"This book was way fun! (...) When the book ended, I was ready for more." (from a review by Devagarbha)

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