Be Aware Who Is Sensing Meditation CD

 This is a one-hour meditation, divided into 4 stages.

1st stage:
Sitting comfortably look at someone or an object, any object - the wall, a flower, a tree. Remember that you are seeing through your eyes. Your eyes are just windows. You are the one inside looking through the eyes. Focus attention on the one behind the eyes. Focus attention on the one behind the eyes.

2nd stage:
Close your eyes. Listen to the music, remembering that your ears are just receivers. Sound travels in circles towards each of us. You are always in the center of sound. You hear sound from your silent center.

3rd stage:
Remaining with eyes closed, touch any surface or object. When touching, just touch through the hand and remember the inner one who is hidden behind, sensing touch. Be sensitive, feel different textures and remember all your senses are just doors, receiving stations, instruments, receptors. You are hidden behind.

4th stage:
Eyes closed. Lie down, silent and still.


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