Take It Easy, Vol. 1 & 2 (MP3)

Talks on Zen Buddhism

These discourses were given in Pune, India, from April 11 to May 11, 1978.

In these delightful and playful talks Osho introduces the mystery, the wonder, and the emptiness that Zen is. He uses the poetry of one of the most outrageous Zen masters, Ikkyu, to show the ways and methods a Zen master uses to permanently transform, rather than simply inform.

Osho and Ikkyu's whole message is about how to experience the essence of emptiness: that blissful state of no-mind where all old conditionings are gone and man is free just to be himself. As Osho speaks of Ikkyu and answers the questions of seekers, he is also speaking of himself. 

4 MP3s, total running time 41 hrs. Discourses 5 and 6 of Vol. 1 are missing.

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