Danger: Truth at Work Accepting the Unknowable

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Danger: Truth at Work goes to the heart of our most fundamental human issues. Why can't we just live happily and be content? While we seem to have all the knowledge we need to solve our problems, we haven't. In this timely book, Osho explains that religious conditioning has held us back. Each chapter covers a different aspect of this conditioning, and, in gentle but persuasive language, shows readers how to transcend it. Individual chapters cover such subjects as The Nuclear Family: The Imminent Meltdown; Pseudo-Religion: The Stick-on Soul; They Say Believe, I Say Explore; and Ecstasy Is Now: Why Wait? and others.

A great bargain: The price of $19.95 includes an Osho discourse DVD.

The DVD discourse is titled "Knowing the Truth Is to Experience Existence As It Is," from the series From Unconsciousness to Consciousness.

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Price: $19.95
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