Past the Point of No Return: Inner and Outer Journeys; compiled

Compiled by Ma Anand Bhagawati

In this big book Bhagawati has put together 44 stories of coming-to-Osho stories. You will intimately come to know each of these sannyasins as they share their inner and outer journeys that catapulted them "past the point of no return." From arduous physical travels to intense inner explorations, there is never a dull moment. Be aware that after reading these stories, your life might never be the same again.

"Every single story in this book has triggered tears, blissful tears from my heart; a magic phenomenon, so uniquely associated with a great Master. Each account reflects a precious life story of a fortunate seeker. This book is a historical report of a blessed ere in the history of human evolution." Swami Veet Chitten (Thomas Hoehne), clinical psychologist

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