Osho's Vision on Education

Designed and compiled by Swami Anand Vairagya

In 1977 Osho announced a new project, the "Rajneesh No-School School," a child education institution based on his vision.

Swami Vairagya was involved in this project, but then Osho left India for the US and the school was closed. About 20 years later, the Osho No-School School started happening on a small scale, about 30 miles from Dehradoon, with lots of potential and promise for the future.

Now Vairagya has put together the results of his research in a 320-page book.

The book contains a treasure of controversial Osho discourse on raising children and on education and will be a fascinating read for parents and anyone interested in the educational system. The second section on the book is devoted to "The Art of Living," and the third section to "The Art of Dying."

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