There Are Songs Hidden in Every Rock DVD

A rare DVD from the early days, “Poona One.”

From: Zen: The Special Transmission, Discourse 6; July 6, 1980; 52 min.

“Life lived unconsciously cannot have any meaning. In fact, life has no meaning in itself. Meaning arises when consciousness arises in you; then life reflects your consciousness, then life becomes a mirror, then life echoes your song, your celebration, your inner music. Hearing those echoes you start feeling significance, meaning, worth. [...] The whole effort has to be one and single, and that is how to be awake. If you are awake, then things will be different, totally different. And there will not be any need to find anything special, to find meaning; then in the small things of life there is meaning, there is great significance. Each pebble on the seashore becomes a diamond. Then there are sermons in every stone and songs hidden in every rock and scriptures everywhere, because the world is full of God, overflowing with godliness.” –Osho

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