A Tree without Flowers DVD

A rare DVD from the early days, “Poona One.”

From: Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Discourse 14; November 9, 1980; 57 min.

“Hinduism rejected Buddha, and Buddha was the peak of the whole Hindu consciousness – the greatest peak, the Everest. But Hindus rejected him for the simple reason that if he had been accepted that would have meant the death of the whole establishment – the exploitation and oppression by the priests – and they had great vested interests in it.
The same has been true of Judaism. Jesus was the peak, but the Jews rejected Jesus. In that very rejection, they rejected their own flowering. They remained a tree without flowers, in fact even without foliage – just a dead tree with no leaves, with no greenery, with no flowers, with no birds singing, no shade for travelers to sit underneath.
Whenever enlightened masters are rejected by any tradition, that is an indication that the tradition is absolutely dead; it cannot absorb any new, fresh insight. The living tradition is that which is capable of absorbing new insights.” –Osho

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