Awareness Destroys the False DVD

A rare DVD from the early days, “Poona One.”
Answering questions from disciples, Osho speaks about meditation and awareness.

From: Zen: The Special Transmission, Discourse 2. July 2, 1980;  54 min.

“Understanding means a state of no-mind. That's what meditation is all about. Meditation is the art of putting the mind aside, not allowing it to interfere, not allowing it to stand between you and the real.”
“I am not in favor of much doing. My whole effort here is to help you become more aware of things. And the miracle of awareness is that whatsoever is wrong, the moment you become fully aware of it drops on its own accord, and whatsoever is right, when you become fully aware of it, it becomes your very being.
Awareness is the most alchemical phenomenon in the world.” –Osho

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