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The Viha Connection is created out of our love for Osho. It's a magazine that reveals the inner and outer life of Osho's disciples - His sannyasins. It's a place for stories by and about highly individual people who have lived together in the most provocative, original, on-the-edge communes and communities that have everexisted anywhere. It's a place where sannyasins talk about Osho discourses and how to take what we learn through discipleship and meditation and live it out in the world. It's a place where we not only talk about the exceptional beauty and incomparable experiences of truth and silence on this pathless path, but about the doubts and the wounds as well.

It's also a place to hear:

• A great joke to lighten up your day (Osho is the Master of humor to illustrate truths that tickle or chill your bones)

• Excerpts from Osho's books on every subject under the sun

• Original Osho meditations that can transform you

• Absorbing, revealing interviews... and much more. Most issues feature a Special Section that offers an in-depth look at a particular theme - Jealousy, Judgement, Being Total, Enlightenment - with Osho photos and powerful quotes from Osho, who understands deeply the nature of truth as paradox. Full-color cover, 30-40 pages, published every other month.

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