Tantric Pulsation

Tantric Pulsation: The Journey of Human Energy from Its Animal Roots to Its Spiritual Flowering
by Aneesha L. Dillon

This book celebrates Aneesha’s 30 years of experience working with neo-Reichian methods of energy release, combined with meditation. The book is rooted in the insights of two of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century, Wilhelm Reich and Osho.

From a review by Nidhi Rice:

Part One of the book introduces us to the views of Sigmund Freud and his disciple Wilhelm Reich, both pioneers in recognizing the importance of freeing up human sexual energy as a key to emotional health. Charles Kelley, who had personally studied with Reich in the 1950s, further developed Reich's work; he added a deeper understanding of working with the body and emotions and developed new methods for applying Reich's principles in group work. Aneesha describes a powerful experience of let-go in her physical as well as her emotional body that happened during a workshop session at his Neo-Reichian Radix Institute in Southern California in 1971. She was left with a new sense of vibrant aliveness and profound relaxation, which convinced her to train with Kelley over the next two and a half years.

Part Two offers a complete and detailed map of the various segments of the body, as originally perceived by Reich, and suggests ways to locate, recognize, and open them up in order to free their energies. I found these chapters extremely clear and insightful. As well as presenting tools for self-awareness, I think the information here will be enriching and helpful for everyone working with other people, even in areas that are not specifically addressing therapy or healing.
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