The Point of Vanishing

A Tale of Truth and Things Imagined

by Rashid Maxwell (Swami Deva Rashid)

The Point of Vanishing is an allegorical story of a man’s spiritual journey: A ruler, Victor, walks into a landscape painting, guided and instructed by Streamer, the artist who created the landscape. Victor faces the heartaches and the inner challenges we human beings are called up to face. He tangles with a tantric lover, faces death in a meeting with his long-dead parents, and founders in the mirages of mind. We travel with him through the sometimes tragic, sometimes comic landscapes of the modern world.

Woven into this storyline are Rashid’s reflections on his own path. He tells us of his own life before and after coming to Osho in 1977. He speaks of his time in Pune One, on the Ranch, in Pune Two, and of living in Brazil after Osho’s death. His gratitude to Osho shines beautifully through the entire book.






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