Easy Is Right DVD

The Razor's Edge, Discourse #14.

If you are going towards the easy, the ego starts dying. And when there is no ego left, you have arrived to your reality - the right, the truth. And truth and right have to be natural. Easy means natural; you can find them without any effort. Easy is right means natural is right, effortlessness is right, egolessness is right.

Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. That has to be the criterion. If you feel uneasiness, tension, then what you have started cannot be right.

Continue easy and you are right.

Relax into nobodiness.

And this is also my message to my sannyasins: be natural. You don't have to be Christians, you don't have to be Hindus, you don't have to be Mohammedans - these are all ways of creating difficulties - you have to be just natural like trees and birds and animals. Become part of this relaxed universe - so relaxed that you forget all about easiness and you forget all about rightness. To me, this is enlightenment.

70 minutes

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