On the Edge: Living with an Enlightened Master by Punya

by Yoga Punya 

From a review by Pankaja Brooke:

I found Punya’s book extraordinary for several reasons: It is unique among books by sannyasins because it gives the flavor of how it was to live – day to day – in the different Osho communes in Pune, America, and Europe. It’s the nitty-gritty details that she’s so good at conveying – and it’s precisely these details that anchor the reader in the experience she’s describing.

Second, she has such a variety of skills and talents that she worked in almost every area of the different communes, so her descriptions of the day-to-day experience of working as musician, cook, cleaner, graphic designer, filing clerk, tourist guide, builder, give a unique picture of life in this great spiritual experiment. 

Softcover; 438 pages

Price: $19.50
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